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College Application Help Q & A

College Application Help Q&A


Q:What is the biggest mistake high school seniors make with college           applications?

A:Procrastination which increases their stress, results in low college application  quality and can have a negative impact on fall semester senior year grades.

Q:How can high school seniors increase the chances of acceptance through their applications?

A:First make sure you have completed the application accurately without leaving out anything that should be included. Next write the highest quality essay you can that addresses the question and follows guidelines in terms of instructions and length. Hint: You can't do this at the last minute.

Q:How do I know that I have completed a competitive application?

A:Look at the guidelines on the college website about applications. Some colleges have an admissions blog or video that provides great tips for prospective students who want to do a great job on their applications. Don't forget the great assets you have in parents, counselors and teachers who may be willing to serve as resources for proofing your work and making constructive comments about any things you have overlooked.


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